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    General information about Erasmus+

    What is Erasmus+ ? Erasmus+ the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport covers the period 2014-2020. The Erasmus+ programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising education. The programme will have a budget of Euro 14.7 billion; this is an increase of 40% compared to current spending levels, reflecting […]

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    Internship Programme: Host Organisation FAQ’s

    Internship Programme: Host Organisation FAQs  How are internship candidates selected for your organisation? We match as closely as possible your requirements and internship position profile with the candidate intern’s studies, experience and preferences. How long is an internship? Programmes run from four weeks to six months in length, all year round, with the majority of […]

  • Erasmus Plus grants, past LLP beneficiaries by country
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    How does your country rank? Top 5 LLP grant winners

    On 19 November 2013, the European Commission announced the approval of the Erasmus Plus funding and published grant recipient numbers by country for 2007-2013.

    When grant numbers are compared to population, there is a significant difference in grants awarded. How does your country rank?

  • Tips to make your Facebook profile more employer friendly in jobsearch
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What people are saying
  • This was an amazing experience. My host family was so nice, my host company was interesting, and the experience will forever be in my memories. Cassandra Jent, Intern from USA
  • Maldron Hotel Parnell Square has developed an excellent relationship with Irish Education Partners over a good few years now. I have found their services to be full of integrity and commitment and I will continue to have close links with th[...]Philip Uzice - General Manager, Maldron Hotel Parnell Square
  • My internship in Ireland is nearly coming to an end, and let me tell you, it has been one of the greatest times in my entire life. Everything worked the way I expected it, from the begin at the Airport until the host family and the North C[...]Sascha Schlichtinger, Intern from Germany
  • The Irish Academy of Public Relations has been working with Irish Education Partners for three years now. They are a most professional company to deal with and inevitably go that extra mile for us. The students they have sent us have been[...]Ellen Gunning, Director,
  • The program was a really enjoyable experience and one that I would highly recommend. All in IEP were brilliant in helping me with the move to the UK and insured I was fully prepared for all aspects of the experience . The program itself pro[...]Brian Walsh, Irish intern on UK internship program
  • After my involvement with the programme working with a truly diverse range of social enterprises and learning essential web development, market research and social media skills, I feel immensely more confident in my own abilities.Ian Ó Fearghail, Irish Intern on UK internship program
  • Working with IE Partners I found them to be very helpful, very professional and very thorough when assigning interns. I have worked closely with Samantha over the last few months and I have been provided with a very high calibre of Interns [...]Mario Marchetti - Project Manager E-Celtic LTD
  • I would highly recommend this programme. It is a great way of gaining relevant work experience in industry. As a graduate straight out of education there is always so much to learn and an internship abroad is a great way to start. I feel th[...]Steve O'Neill, Irish intern on EPIC Internship in Bordeaux, France
  • I could never have got onto my Masters course without this experience! Ellie Broughton, Intern from UK
  • We work closely with Irish Education Partners as a host company in placing quality students within our organisation. Irish Educational Partners provide a professional and helpful service to us and in turn have a really good feel for our c[...]Geraldine Saunders, Tour America
  • I have been involved with your service at different periods, and I just want to say that I have only praise for your efficiency, and the simplicity of your operation. I have never had any problems with any of your students and they always[...]Eve Byrne, Host Family
  • Irish Education Partners provided us with excellent interns who approached their work with diligence and professionalism. For us, being able to tap in to international resources has brought new and different perspectives on what we are tryi[...]Neil Leyden, Founder, International Digital Services Centre
  • Having foreign students work here at Opera Ireland has been a very positive experience for us. We appreciate the quality of the candidates selected by Irish Education Partners for placement. We have benefited greatly from accepting these [...]Claire Kendlin, CFO, Opera Ireland, Dublin
  • I took part in this programme in April-May 2013 and found it to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience that I would happily recommend to anyone with a passion for being creative and ambitious. IEP were extremely professional, personable [...]Steve Sheehy, Irish Intern on UK internship program
  • The four week program in the UK was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial months of my life to-date. The program was an excellent opportunity to network with entrepreneurial people from different cultures and develop consulting skills by[...] Sean McGeough, Irish Intern on UK internship program
  • I have been a "host mother" with Irish Education Partners for almost 3 years. I have had many students stay in my home over that period of time. My experience overall has been a very good one. The students have always been very happy and [...]Gabrielle White, Host Family
  • An experience where entrepreneurially-minded young people are given the opportunity to work in multicultural groups and help social enterprises in a variety of ways. A great experience for those that want to gain and improve solid transfera[...]Killian O’Keeffe, Irish Intern on UK internship program
  • I have worked with Irish partners for over 7 years now. I actually cannot imagine my work life without an Intern. They give such great support to the office, their level of English is always good, able to communicate to their peers and ta[...]Carol Byrne – The Morgan Hotel
  • I have been overall very happy with the students and they show good command of English. David Dennehy, Country Mix 106.8 FM
  • Fortunately I was placed in a radio station where I can put in practice my recent acquired knowledge of sound engineering. As a sound engineer I had to work with a mixing desk for live and pre-recorded broadcast, outside events (sport eve[...]Adolfo, Intern from Spain
  • Wir arbeiten mit Irish Education Partners seit 2007 sehr gerne zusammen. Unsere Anfragen werden vom netten Team immer 100% zuverlässig und schnell bearbeitet. Die Praktikumsplätze sind niveauvoll und interessant. Ich schicke unsere Teilne[...]Katrin Schauer, Educational Consultant, GLS Sprachreisen
  • Conocemos a Irish Education Partners desde hace muchos años y podemos decir que nos encanta trabajar con ellos. Son muy cordiales, muy profesionales y dignos de confianza. Sabes que van a hacer muy bien su trabajo y siempre van a resolver [...]Pablo Fraile, Director, INFORT, Spain
  • This was for me a brilliant experience, a good culture city and nice people and city. Very interesting. Antonio Carretero, Intern from Spain
  • Working in Corkscrew [UK internship host] for the past month has simply been one of the most worthwhile things I have done in a long time. It enabled me to improve my abilities in business whilst tapping into my creative side with relevant [...]Ronan Kelly, Irish Intern on UK internship program
  • Very happy with the service to date. Joe Kelly, Global Logistics
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